Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers lots of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you find your way around the digital hub and start contributing when you are ready. We have created a list of answers to any questions that people might have. If you're stuck with anything please let us know by emailing us at

What is the Hub

The hub is a message board, document library and collection of resources put together by Vista for you.

Wait, what does that mean?

Vista will add useful documents such as information about different conditions that lead to sight loss and what can be done to prevent this. We will also add links to other useful items such as our podcasts for talking newspapers. You can use the message boards to have discussions with fellow members and even create discussion groups for specific topics.

What are message boards?

Put simply it's a place for you to have conversations with other people. Vista has already created some themed rooms and there will be some pre-created message threads but you are encouraged to create your own. Perhaps you want to discuss a specific book, then you can create a message thread for the book in the book club room.

Can anyone use this?

No. Vista wants to ensure this is a safe place for you to talk freely, so any new requests to create an account in the Hub will first go to Vista for approval. Only those who have a genuine interest and connection to Vista will be allowed to join.

What if someone gets a bit mean in the chat?

Vista will act as a moderator and if you feel someone is getting rude or aggressive then you can report the comments and Vista will step in and may edit or delete the message. We ask you don't report message just because someone has a different view point to yours.

How can I connect with hub members in real life?

We advise against putting your phone numbers or emails in a message thread as anyone can see it. If you want to contact someone outside of the hub you can send them a private message by clicking their name.